Marrejan Oepkes

Yoga teacher, Hatha Yin Restorative, Wellbeing coach, Retreat guidance & Private sessions.

I followed my heart and intuition to become a yoga teacher and soul coach at the age of 60 after years and years of studying. The awareness and fulfilment this created finally brought together the many threads of my life. From this inspiration, ‘Body Mind Restore’ was born.

About Me


Mine is a tale of adventure, challenge and deep self-healing. Through surrender and a commitment to my spiritual path, I have transformed my life. I now support others to find happiness and wellbeing in my work as a soul coach, yoga teacher and retreat manager.

In the joy of empowering others on their life path I have found my true purpose. I am passionate about sharing tools we can all access for real fulfilment. I know from experience that everything is possible, and we can reinvent ourselves at any age. When we release blockages and return to our authentic selves, we are able to stop chasing life and instead let our dreams live through us. Letting go of the need to control, we relax into a sense of certainty and freedom.

My life has been incredibly varied, encompassing work as a fashion designer, boutique and restaurant owner and CEO. I have travelled all over the world, raising my son as a single mother and experiencing many personal challenges. I now combine the knowledge from these life lessons with powerful therapeutic techniques.

This integrated approach offers a path to wellness that I am so grateful to share. I believe the happiness and security we long for lies in our commitment to love – and can be found inside each one of us.


My life story

I was born in Amsterdam in 1955. I discovered Ibiza at the age of 12, visiting the island every summer with my parents. At the age of 20, my dream of living on the island came true, and after graduating from a fashion academy in Amsterdam I ran my own boutique and design studio between Ibiza and Barcelona.

In 1987 my son was born. Following a painful separation from his father, I left the business in Barcelona to concentrate on my Ibiza boutique. At the age of 37 I changed my life again, travelling around the world on a sailing ship with my son and my new partner. We sought the freedom of a life without boundaries, visiting and working in several countries while I home-schooled my son.

Returning to Ibiza four years later, newly single, I started over from scratch, bringing my son up alone while working for several different companies. Many years of hard work, stress and heartache were making me slowly mentally and physically ill. After a short but deep depression in my mid-forties, I knew I needed to find another path. I discovered mindfulness and the philosophy of Yoga, which transformed my life again.

Practicing these teachings for 15 years, and working with a renowed Yoga Retreat center in Ibiza for many years, I followed my heart and intuition to become a yoga teacher and soul coach. The awareness and fulfilment this created finally brought together the many threads of my life. From this inspiration, “Body Mind Restore” was born.






  • Integrated training in the Hakomi institute of psychology in Mallorca. Hakomi incorporates elements of the wisdom traditions of the East, contemporary body-psychotherapy and the new sciences, a fusion of the East and West, integrating mental and emotional health in a somatic and spiritual way. Hakomi is based on five principles: mindfulness, non-violence, unity, organicity and mind-body holism.
  • Course in Integrative Quantum Medicine level I with Louise Mita. ‘Most ailments begin from an energy imbalance in the physical, mental, and/or emotional levels. Just being a member of society can put us in the ‘rat race’ frame of mind. Stress from imbalances such as these can create energy blockages. Energy blockages can come from tension, anxiety, anger and fear and can manifest in many forms, such as migraine headaches, indigestion, high blood pressure or ulcers. The stress of being over-worked and under-appreciated; too much responsibility and too little time; ‘all give and no get’ will eventually take its toll.
  • ‘The Seventh Sense Seminar for Women’, a coaching training with Dr Paul Dobransky, M.D .He is a board-certified psychiatrist and author of ‘The secret Psychology of how we fall in Love’.
  • 200hr Ayurvedic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.
  • 200hr Yin & Restorative Teacher Training.
  • 100hr Therapeutic Yoga Anatomy Training
  • ‘Hearts in Harmony’ coaching training in relationships and win-win communication for couples. A one off course with Gay Hendricks.
  • Course in the ‘Art of mindfulness and guided Meditation’.
  • Managed, taught and coached in over 50 renowed yoga-retreats on Ibiza since 2013.

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