The rythm of your soul

15th to 22nd March 2019



This retreat is for you being new to Yoga as well as having experience.

“As yoga teachers, we share so much more than alignment and breathing techniques. We love to infuse our stories- about life – into our classes. Our stories are what brought us to the mat and what brought us to share this practice with others. So it’s essential that we bring our WHOLE selves into our teachings.”



In this special retreat  we invite you to explore the deeper layers of your body through dynamic Vinyasa flow and a slower Hatha Yoga as well as soft releasing Yin and Restorative Yoga practice. For “every-body” and every physical need we have a Yoga style in stock.

Grounding in this peaceful oasis on the coast and learn how to empower yourself – how to take your health and wellbeing to the next level.

Stay in a unique Eco Lodge built by a Scottish–Argentinean couple with a mission! The Lodge is made from nothing but natural materials, here you will really disconnect from everyday life.

Explore the REAL Morocco far away from any tourist traps…………….


Discover Morocco off the beaten track in this exceptional week filled with yoga and 1:1 soul-coaching, you might feel stuck in an area of your life and are ready to work on the root issue of it.  Adventure, bonfires, star gazing, sharing circles, mantras, mindfulness, grounding & healing yourself and of course relaxing! Or just come for the Yoga and take your well deserved time off from “The Rat Race” and let us THINK for you.


This unique Eco Lodge, on the coast near the beautiful town of Essaouira and a manifested dream by the owners, is created as a retreat center for any form of art … built with only natural materials, with their own bare hands and with the help of the local people. “The Serai”, the name of the magical dwelling, is perched half way on a hill, only a 15mins walk from the ocean and bathed in golden light every evening at sunset. The only neighbors are a few fishermen that live in the small village nearby. Your alarm clock might be a distant donkey singing or a cock testing his vocal cords. A taste of the REAL Morocco.


Every morning you will be guided through meditation and yoga practice by Carina & Marrejan a fusion of dynamic Vinyasa and slower Hatha Yoga, breath work, somatic movement and Yin-Restorative practice.

After a morning full of practice, and just before brunch, a natural pool in the middle of the Yoga-Shala-Patio, is inviting you for a plunge with an amazing view over the ocean. Than a vegetarian feast, enhanced by exotic Arabic flavors, will be waiting for you. 


“Every beat of your heart is a rhythm of your soul”. Discover your wild, out of the box side, and re-connect to your soul rhythm with evening circles around a bonfire in which you will explore different activities such as drumming, freeing your voice or just dancing barefoot on the ground to fully connect to Mother Earth. Feel what your heart desires as you allow the movement to flow, the rhythm to penetrate your soul and the fire to transform negative or stuck emotions! And feel how great it is to step out of your comfort zone.

Find your true self & mission in life – also called “Dharma” and your “Atman” – inner teacher – with guidance and empowerment from our soul-coaches. Each person will receive a 1:1 wellness coaching as well as ongoing guidance throughout our journey together to give each and every one the individual care required for a deeper transformation. There will be practices with our beautiful Marjolein with her “sacred-womb-awakening-workshop”. She will take you into another dimension of how you feel about yourself. And extra 1:1 therapies are available with her.


Explore the cultural hub and beautiful city Essaouira just 15 km away from the retreat house. Experience a traditional Hamman, take in the colors and smells of the back streets and feast in a traditional Moroccan restaurant! 

Straddling a ridgeline between two tiny fishing and farming villages, the “Serai” stands like an ancient sentinel over the patchwork of terraced fields and dry stone walls dropping gently towards the beach 800m away. With the forested hillside behind, the Atlantic in front and long clear views up and down the coast, the location is breathtakingly magical.

Wonderful Essaouira is close enough to be just visible on the southern horizon, farmers markets like stepping back in time, and a rugged coastline of huge empty beaches, caves and tidal pools; this is a place of sparkling eyes and healthy appetites. As an integral part of a rural Moroccan community, not hidden behind high walls and closed gates, the Serai offers a very unusual experience too ecologically and culturally-minded visitors: a perfect base for really getting to know this colorful part of Morocco. 


1 Person, shared triple room with own bathroom, 850€

1 Person, shared double room with own bathroom, 995€

1 person, private single room with own bathroom, 1390€

5% of our profit will be donated to the “Fertile Roots Foundation”; a foundation to teach the local poor population applying permaculture vegetable growing into their lives, the Eco-Lodge created a school for them on their grounds.





Mine is a tale of adventure, challenge and deep self-healing.

I was born and raised in Holland but currently living on Ibiza with the LOVE of my life. With my family we were visiting the Island every summer, I discovered Ibiza at the young age of 12. When I turned 20 my dream of living on the Island came true. After graduating in Fashion I opened my own shops and design studio between Ibiza and Barcelona.

But life can show us many changes and challenges, through surrender, acceptance and a commitment to my spiritual path I have transformed my life from a former Fashion designer, CEO & adventure seeker into a Yoga teacher & Soul-coach. I now support others to find happiness and wellbeing with my work as a soul coach & yoga teacher.

 I have a great passion for Yin & Restorative –Yoga, the Yoga which I will be teaching on the retreat In Morocco. 

About “Yin Yoga”, the term comes from the Taoist tradition. Yin is about finding stillness in deep and prolonged movement and breath. Yin yoga is practiced mostly sitting or lying on the floor and the Asanas are held for a long time. With patience and the right alignment we can change our body structure and heal health issues.

 And why the Rhythm of your Soul? “Because every beat of your heart IS a rhythm of your soul” 

The intention of this special retreat is to discover your wild, out of the box side, and re-connect to your soul rhythm, reconnect with yourself, asking yourself the question; “what is it that I really need and what is it that I can let go of.” To feel what your heart desires as you allow the movement to flow, the rhythm to penetrate your soul and the fire to transform negative or stuck emotions!





Born Austrian, moved from London to Ibiza and found her home and LOVE there. After having led numerous yoga retreats for Ibiza’s most respected Retreat companies as well as her own creations, Carina felt it was time to grow and move forward. Out of a combination of her biggest passions, yoga, travel, music and adventure – Adventure yoga travels was born! In the rapidly growing yoga retreat market, she wanted to offer something with a difference, with a spark; a sense of excitement, freedom and uniqueness.

“We live in a very contradictive time and we are under a lot of influence from social media, corporations and society. On the other hand we have access to endless information about what is really happening in the world, new technologies and ideas. However all of this can somehow leave us feeling lost and unhappy. So what is the way to find TRUE HAPPINESS? Where can we find guidance to experience ABUNDANCE, JOY & WELLBEING?”

My Dharma (my purpose) is to serve as a guide and accompany your journey to reconnect to your Atman (inner teacher). Through smoothly flowing asana practice and breath work you begin a dialogue between yourself and what you create moment by moment. Sometimes I offer mantras or affirmations to reset old and limiting beliefs and replace them with high vibration ones to manifest what your heart desires. You are a divine being with limitless potential and I am here to remind you of that.







I was born and raised in Holland but currently living on Ibiza.

Myself discovery journey started in 2009 when I got my first burn-out and I went to Ibiza to heal. Here I was introduced to different meditations and mindfulness techniques especially focusing on opening my heart. I started diving within myself and Ibiza became from that moment on my healing path.

And so I decided to move here in 2012 to unfold more of myself.

From a busy career lady, I am transforming myself into a free spirit. My life journey it is to become as free as possible. Being self employed and stepping out of the believe patterns that we have to work ridiculous hours per week to earn money was one of the biggest moves to start with. But there is so much more to explore. It is my life’s purpose to unravel the mysteries of life and to share this with those or are willing to hop on this journey with me.

My new found free spirit moved me to explore the “Sacred Womb Awakening” course in 2017. Through this world I help people re-connect with their creativity and releasing the old.

I will hold a ceremony and a workshop at the retreat to introduce this powerful work.






I love FOOD and I believe it matters so much for our well being. Cooking can be so much more than following a recipe.
Being a yoga practitioner I became very aware, fascinated and curious about healthy cooking as being a part of my practice.
I work intuitive and from the heart and what I offer is glorious vegetarian food, embracing natural ingredients and fushioning my food experiences from travels around the world.
I live in Morocco since many years and I feel so blessed here with all the possibilities to shop fresh ingredients, herbs and spices on the local markets and not in the super market where they are packed in plastic and full of pesticides.
The meals I prepare are nourishing, in balance with your daily needs, and I love to bring you joy and inspiration for your personal home cooking.
Let’s practice Yoga and share amazing food together soon!






I am born on the Island of Ibiza and my nomadic upbringing – living my childhood growing up on a sailboat – my teens on the vibrant island of Ibiza – spending my twenties travelling in south-east Asia – made me a very curious person about anything to do with people, especially the body, the way it works, heals and what it needs. I explored yoga classes, did my teacher training, meditations and many different massage courses. Bodywork, Yoga and meditation are the principal foundations which guided me towards becoming a Doctor in Chiropractic. Granting all this, the art of these disciplines have their own way of expressing themselves. On this retreat I am here to offer you the best combination of my healing skills and can answer your questions and doubts about your well being.