The moment that you are dedicated to yourself, and you are keen – and ready- to open your mind.

……….feel stuck in an area of your life and are ready to work on the root issue of it. Are now prepared – despite perhaps feeling a little fearful – to make a change, even though you don’t perhaps know what that is yet, and therefore seeking clarity.

I offer wellness tools, personal and relationship coaching which is designed to empower you. We are born with the ability to create change in our own lives. Coaching connects us to this inner potential, enabling us to find happiness, security and clear direction.

Sessions integrate body and mind through soft touch, verbal communication, breath-work and visualisations. These tools help you to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and access your strength and capabilities. From this foundation, we build your capacity to deal with challenges, explore personal goals and improve your wellbeing.

My work is inspired by my own journey of self-healing. Drawing on my personal experiences, alongside training in psychology, coaching, yoga and energy work, I support you to transform and find your purpose. Releasing blockages in this way, we turn to the natural rhythm of the soul.

We all have the tools to find balance when we are lost, safety in the face of uncertainty, and joy in what might otherwise be pain. Learn to ride the swell of your energy as you access the true power within. 

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